The relentless advance of the new technologies and their impact on the economy is leading to the emergence of new technology-based business models and new adaptation requirements for the traditional companies which want to continue its activity successfully in this new environment.

The implementation and development of technological projects requires more than ever to be carried out in a secure legal environment. Legal certainty must be considered one of the pillars on which innovation and business progress are based, not an obstacle.

Our expertise in the new technologies legal area and our wide experience in legal corporative advising allow us to provide with adequate solutions to or clients needs, connecting its business development requirements with the new environment.

As examples of our wide range of services we could remark the following ones:

Full legal support to the company’s process of digital transformation.

Legal protection of the company’s technological assets, in particular, Intellectual Property rights (patents, trademarks, copyrights etc.).

Legal support to the company in the development of technology-based projects: technology transfer agreements and know-how licenses, consortia setting up and company agreements, design of the best legal formula for the implementation of the project development, commercial contracting, etc.


Cyber security.


Asimismo, participamos en el proyecto LEGALIZATECH, iniciativa surgida de la colaboración de dos entidades especializadas con amplia experiencia en los dos ámbitos clave de la ciberseguridad: legal y técnico.

Legalizatech surge como respuesta a la necesidad de la implantación de un entorno seguro en la empresa, que requiere de la adopción de medidas y políticas de carácter técnico y jurídico. En definitiva, proporcionar a las empresas un entorno seguro desde el punto de vista jurídico y técnico al que llamamos: Seguridad 360º. Estamos junto a las empresas en el proceso de transformación digital, porque ésta también exige una adecuación legal.