This service includes more than one specialty, adapted to the market and the needs of today´s client.

Especially we refer to:

Integrated Projects Management

When the size and complexity of legal needs require:

  • An ad hoc legal team composed of the best internal and external experts is created. To this aim our priority to this aim is excellence and full adaption to the case.
  • Our prices and services are adjusted in detail for each operation.
  • Consequentially, efficiency and positive results are enhanced.

Legal outsourcing

  • If your company lacks an internal legal department, we can provide this service with a lower cost and optimal results.

Legal Coworking

It is focused on two groups:

  • To the internal legal department, with who we work in those areas where they benefit from the support of an external legal professional.
  • To our law colleagues, whom we offer the possibility of combining our specialties and geographic areas to jointly improve and enhance our levels of service to clients.

New times demand new forms, and it is a mistake to believe that the law is an exception to this principle.