We have a long tradition and experience in the legal advice of foreign investors interested in Spain. In this area we join our expertise and usual practice with a full understanding of what needs a foreign client may face when planning and implementing an investment in Spain. We strongly believe that an accurate fulfillment of legal requirements may assure a safe investment and so the use of expert lawyers, like us, in this area is with no doubt a clear asset.

In the same way we are very proud to be one of the pioneering firms in Spain, in International Trade and Business Internationalization processes that always need a legal support for their success. As we have said in several times “any International Trade or Business Internationalization operation involves a legal dimension, which, if it is not taken into consideration, generates a risk.

For all above reasons, adapting our team to the needs of our clients, and provide them adequate services for the management of  foreign investment and internationalization has been one of our main targets in relation with this area.

To this regard, we can offer:

A multilingual professional team with an extensive experience in these areas.

An extensive network of national and international partners that allow us to provide legal support in the entire world. We would like to emphasize, in this respect, that Caveat Abogados has signed collaboration agreements with leading law Firms and that we are used to work with them.

Numerous collaboration agreements and partnerships with public and private entities with which we collaborate in the matter of specific information and individualized advice.

We can also offer several specific products, including the following:

Legal advice on foreign investments in Spain including, among others, these areas:

  • Real estate investments and support in the administration and protection of them once implemented.
  • Commercial and civil contracts.
  • Companies including all the aspects related to the life, and death, of any kind of legal persons.
  • Commercial and Civil contracts.
  • Administrative issues with our legal support in any kind of relationship, and conflict, with the public administration all levels.
  • Litigation before judicial and arbitration courts.
  • Defense, complaints and claims against financial entities for abusive clauses in their contracts.

General and continuous advice to our client in International Trade and Business Internationalization matters.

  • Drafting and negotiation of international commercial contracts, as well as documents related to International Trade.
  • Design of business internationalization plans.
  • Identification, control and management of foreign and national attorneys.
  • International and national arbitration and litigation.
  • Commercial and legal support to internationalization operations, including the drafting of contracts and legal documents as well as backing in commercial missions.

If you opt for carrying out an investment in Spain or for an operation in international trade, legal needs obtain the appropriate legal support given that the legal area will be decisive in your success or failure.